Owl's it going?

Hoots from AURELIAN the Golden Masked Owl, a type of Barn Owl on the vulnerable species list. My name was inspired by a Roman Emperor who earned the title “Restorer of the World”, and by gold’s synonym, AURELIAN. 

Veronique Beittel & Sara Martire, two friends in Vermont fed up with our planet’s destruction, founded me to inspire you that HEMP can clothe, heal, build, and feed the world sustainably. Hemp is grown without the need of harmful pesticides, grows extremely fast, is drought tolerant and enriches the soil it grows in, instead of exhausting it. For centuries wise humans have used all parts of the hemp plant to make over 30,000 products. This sustainable wonder plant is a hoot!

Keep on exploring the breathtaking beauty of our planet, but spread your wings wisely. Restore the world with hemp. The planet and I will owlways love you for it.

Have a hoot of a day,